Benefits of Gardening with Bulbs

Physical Health Benefits of Gardening

Summer, more than any other season, is the time of year when we tend to focus on our health. We generally eat better and exercise more frequently. A fun way to stay active during the summer months is to include gardening in your family’s healthy lifestyle choices. Planting and maintaining a garden will get everyone out in sun to soak up a little vitamin D, get their blood flowing and flex their muscles. Not only will your family feel good, but your surroundings will look amazing as well!

Healthy Environment

Gardening, especially with bulbs, is not only a healthy exercise for the body, mind and spirit, but is also beneficial for our environment as well. Did you know that flowering bulbs:

  • provide essential food for our pollinators?
  • are easy to grow and are relatively disease and pest resistant, thus reducing the use of garden chemicals?
  • reduce the amount of carbon in our environment? They take in carbon dioxide and create oxygen.

And, best of all, flowering bulbs bring beauty to our lives and a smile on our face!

Purposeful Living

Gardening is, hands-down, the most popular form of purposeful exercise; exercise with a purpose. Exercise is essential for a healthy body and mind, but fitting it into an already hectic schedule can be nearly impossible. As you beautify your surroundings through gardening, you are using and toning almost every muscle in your body. General gardening, which includes planting bulbs, can help a 165 lb. person burn about 350 calories per hour. In the process, you’re accomplishing tasks on your to-do list and getting fresh air and sunshine.