Bringing the Garden Indoors

Those of us that love to garden know that pursuing our passion does not have to end when the coldest days of the year arrive. As the outdoor temperatures begin to drop, it is an excellent time to begin transitioning from outdoor to indoor gardening.

Herbs are a wonderful way to get your winter gardening fix. Begin by selecting several that you find appealing and grow them on a sunny windowsill in or close to the kitchen. Fresh herbs are useful in warm winter soups, stews and sauces and their tempting aroma and taste will get you through the coldest months. Plant an abundance to share with your friends.

Succulent gardens are easy to assemble and care for. With so many varieties available, in a wide selection of colors, you won’t miss flowers during the winter months. Colors include shades of green, grey, blue, purple, red, orange, yellow and even black. These fleshy plants require plenty of sun and benefit from infrequent watering. Arranging your colorful selections in a container for winter enjoyment is an engaging and artistic project that can be easily shared with friends, children and elderly gardeners.

Pick up one or several new and interesting houseplants. Nurturing them throughout the cool season will provide you with a great sense of satisfaction and purpose. Houseplants have the amazing ability to purify the air as well as beautify your home. There are selections for both bright and darker locations around the house. Some, such and moth orchids and African violets, will provide you with flowers to brighten a cold and dreary day.

Bulbs such as paperwhites and Amaryllis are simple to grow and do not require pre-chilling to flower. They may be purchase in bloom or simply as bulbs waiting for you to provide the water that they need to begin growing. Paperwhites will also fill your winter home with a heady fragrance. Have extras on hand to give as host and hostess gifts during the holiday season.

Fairy Gardens and Terrariums
Creating a fairy garden and/or a terrarium is an enjoyable and engaging cold weather pastime. These whimsical wonderlands will enable you to garden on a miniature scale all winter long. It is incredible fun to plan and shop for tiny plants, garden accessories and figurines. Just like your outdoor landscape, your small-scale gardens will require planting, pruning and fertilizing, as well as other regular maintenance, to have it looking its best at all times and keeping you in good practice for the spring weather that is sure to come.